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Print media opportunities

Press office

Effective media relations are essential for any organisation that wants to maintain a positive public image and communicate its message effectively.

Our core media relations involve developing and implementing a strategic approach to managing press office functions, including securing media opportunities and links and coordinating news releases, interviews, op-eds and podcasts.

Our process involves identifying key journalists and media outlets, building relationship with them, and ensuring that relevant and compelling content is delivered in a timely and consistent manner

Our clients establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, shape public opinion, and build a positive reputation that supports their business goals.


Credibility for your brand

A powerful tool that businesses can utilise to enhance their credibility and recognition within their industry are awards. Crafting a smart awards strategy can prove to be instrumental in showcasing a brand’s achievements and successes, ultimately leading to increased reputation, customer trust, and business growth.

In order to maximise the benefits of PR awards, our end-to-end approach that involves developing a comprehensive awards calendar, identifying the most relevant and impactful awards opportunities, and crafting compelling entry submissions is essential.

Entrusting our experienced team to provide the necessary expertise and guidance will prove to be invaluable in creating winning entries that effectively showcase your brand’s unique strengths and accomplishments.

It is also crucial for a robust awards strategy to complement an organisation’s media relations efforts, as awards recognition can be leveraged to secure further media coverage and strengthen the overall credibility of a brand.

Through the implementation of a well-executed awards strategy, organisations can successfully establish an enhanced reputation within their industry, attract new customers, and gain a competitive edge.

Award management services
Public speaking services The Monarchs

Speaker slots

Take the stage

Speaking engagements are an effective way for business leaders to showcase their expertise, establish credibility, and connect with new audiences.

Our comprehensive approach involves developing a full events calendar, identifying impactful opportunities, and crafting compelling submissions to calls for papers.

Enlisting our experienced team will provide the necessary guidance to create winning submissions and secure a series of keynotes, roundtables, webinars, and podcast appearances.

This approach ensures a diverse audience is reached, with your key message and narrative shared across various events, channels, and markets.  

A well-executed speaking engagement strategy, such as ours, will establish thought leadership, expand networks, and drive business growth.

Through our support, your brand will be able to leverage speaking engagements to gain a competitive edge and achieve long-term reputational success


Data stories for the win

Data storytelling is a fantastic method of generating news in lieu of funding, product, or leadership announcements. The media loves a data story and so do we.

Our comprehensive approach includes both primary and secondary data research, survey design and management, leveraging consumer and industry panels, data analysis and insights, and compelling story development.

The rigorous analysis techniques we use help identify patterns, trends, and key takeaways from the data. Story development involves crafting compelling narratives that support the key insights we discover.

By developing data stories grounded in rigorous analysis and thoughtful storytelling, brands can establish themselves as thought leaders and drive growth in their industry, through the resulting media coverage we achieve.

Our tried and tested approach transforms raw data into creative stories that deliver the  media headlines your brand needs.

Tell a story through your data
The Monarchs office

Internal comms

Your most importance audience

Effective internal communications are crucial to driving employee engagement, increasing advocacy, and supporting business growth.

Our comprehensive approach includes strategy development aligned with key business objectives, tailored communication channels, and measurement.

We will identify internal ambassadors who can reinforce brand values and messaging, while the central hubs and story-sharing methods we develop will ensure effective distribution.

Prioritising internal communications creates a positive and productive workplace culture that supports employee satisfaction, retention, and innovation

The internal communications programme we can put in place for your brand will foster a strong sense of community and allow your organisation to better achieve its business goals.

Media training

Put your best foot forward

To effectively communicate with external audiences, organisations must ensure that their spokespeople are equipped with the skills and techniques necessary to deliver impactful messages to the media.

A strong interviewing ability, with knowledge and practice of various interview techniques will allow your spokespeople to confidently and effectively communicate fundamental brand values and messaging.

Our approach combines theory and practical sessions, with mock interviews to test your spokespeople and ensure that they are prepared for a range of potential scenarios.

The constructive feedback we provide and support in refining the brand message will you’re your spokespeople develop the skills to tell better anecdotes, soundbites, and plugs,and handle even the toughest of journalists.

Thanks to our practical training and throry preparation, the brands we work with ensure that their spokespeople put their best foot forward, establishing themselves as thought leaders, driving business growth, and effectively communicating key brand messages to the public.

Securing interview and media opportunities
Crisis management PR services The Monarchs

Crisis preparedness

Don't wait for a crisis to happen

Effective crisis management is critical for organisations looking to protect their reputation and mitigate potential risks. To proactively manage crises, our comprehensive approach is necessary.

This includes developing a crisis playbook that outlines possible scenarios and actions to be taken in the event of an emergency. Our facilitated crisis wargaming is used to test and refine the crisis playbook and ensure that all stakeholders are prepared to respond effectively in a crisis situation.

Through our support, we will develop messaging in advance, ensuring that critical messages are carefully crafted and aligned with brand values and ready to go in the event of crisis.

By taking such a proactive approach to crisis management, the brands we work with minimise the impact of potential crises, protect their reputation, and maintain the trust of key stakeholders.


Win over key opinion leaders

Establishing credibility and thought leadership within an industry requires the support of key opinion leaders.

Developing a comprehensive influencer strategy that encompasses both B2C and B2B channels can aid in identifying and engaging with these leaders.

Our combination of organic and paid approaches can be employed to cultivate relationships and create compelling content that resonates with your intended audience.

Crucially, our audience analysis and measurement will inform the optimisation and alignment of influencer campaigns with key business objectives.

By leveraging the influence of key opinion leaders, your brand can attain thought leadership status, drive growth, and foster trust among stakeholders

Influencers collab with the Monarchs
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