The Monarchs AI Policy

The Monarchs announces AI policy for use in PR, content, and SEO

LONDON, 30 May 2023 – Integrated communications agency, The Monarchs, has announced its AI policy for full transparency on how the agency uses AI technologies for use in its PR, content, and SEO work.

The policy not only states how AI should be used within work remits but also provides guidance and which tools should be used, out of data privacy concerns. As such, the company has adopted Notion AI as its primary AI service, over the more popular ChatGPT.

The policy states:

  • AI may only be used as an assist, for example:
    • AI transcripts for note taking
    • Prompted research support
    • Design ideation
  • AI may never be used for ‘complete work’, for example:
    • AI shall not be used for copywriting, only copy editing and ideation
    • AI generated imagery shall only be used for mood boards
    • Research from questioning AI shall be fully verified through manual checks
  • AI services must be approved before use, to allow for the following checks:
    • Data privacy policy (data must not be stored or shared)
    • Right to forget compliance (must have the ability to erase all data)
    • Must have ISO 27001 certification

David Clare, Founder and Managing Director of The Monarchs, comments:

“AI is a powerful assist. Sure, it can write a full-length article or complete press release, but to present this as the final work would be both unethical and poor quality. Ultimately, AI’s work is generic, often sloppy, and better as a starter for ten or guide on how not to write the piece. Our policy acknowledges this and presents a guide for using AI to the best advantage.

“What is also often overlooked are the privacy and security concerns of AI. As an agency, we handle huge amounts of sensitive information, and take our responsibility for our clients’ data protection as seriously as we do our own. Tools such as ChatGPT collect data to train their model on, are not ISO 27001 certified, and present a serious security concern. There needs to be much more caution when it comes to AI service selection.”

The policy is a result of six months of research and development with AI tools and numerous workshops in which the ethics of using AI in agency work was debated at length.

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