The Monarchs PR agency name

Behind the name

All brands are on a journey. At The Monarchs, our job is to support, guide, and help brands evolve in order to reach their goals. This is something the humble butterfly is known for too. 

Known around the world, monarch butterflies rely on deliberate movement and hard work for their survival in the form of a migratory phenomenon. 

Each year, monarch butterflies embark on an epic multi-thousand-mile journey, migrating from southeast Canada all the way to the mountain forests of Mexico. We’re talking up to 3,000 miles for something with a wingspan of 7-10cm.

During this journey, the butterflies plot their course by using the sun as a compass, with scientists suggesting that landmarks, and even smells, play a factor too. 

To make the journey, the butterflies go through four generations within the entire round-trip. Each time starting as a caterpillar and going through an incredible metamorphosis in order to fly the remaining miles.

That’s quite an impressive journey and complex transformation, which we can all agree is worthy of the description ‘awesome’.

As mentioned, much like the monarch butterfly, all brands are on a journey to survive, transform, and thrive in the next generation. Building a brand reputation isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Monarch butterflies use complex, evolutionary intuition to stay the course. At The Monarchs, we do the same. We understand brands; what it takes to build them, grow them, and elevate them.

In taking a long view, plotting the journey strategically and reviewing each step of the way through insight and measurement, our approach is considered, measurable, and results in positive transformations that impact tangible business goals. 

We help businesses to metamorphosise into the brand they want to be.

The story of the monarch butterfly is the inspiration for our agency name and this is reflected in our logo. The three columns are represent an M, our three core services (PR, content, and SEO), and the monarch butterfly.

So, that’s us: transformation and methodology. And not a crown in sight. 

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