T-minus 24 hours for VivaTech 2023

Europe’s largest start-up and tech event kicks off tomorrow and we’re super excited to be attending.

It’s even more exciting since we have been a part of VivaTech 2023‘s journey, as both an official partner and agency of record for media relations and events. You can read more about the appointment here.

Viva Technology, now in its seventh edition, has consistently showcased the world’s most influential figures in the tech industry. Renowned speakers, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, and French President Emmanuel Macron, have graced its stage. It is an event that brings together innovation, entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge ideas. 

So, as we gear up for this prestigious occasion, we can’t help but share our enthusiasm about the specific tracks and topics we’re looking forward to. 


How big of an impact does AI have in our daily lives? What makes an algorithm (un)ethical and who gets to decide? Can AI be creative? VivaTech 2023 will explore multiple facets of the much-hyped (for good reason) technology which is quickly underpinning many of the services we use today.

Cyber Security

Increasingly digital and connected, the technological solutions we use every day are also creating new vulnerabilities. How can we fight cybercrime? What is the role of quantum computing in making our systems safe? And does privacy still exist? All questions which will be answered at this year’s event.

Elon Musk

The big news is that Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX’s Elon Musk will be at this year’s VivaTech, in the hotly anticipated ‘Conversation with Elon Musk’. This will be just one week since he handed over the reins of Twitter to Linda Yaccarino. With a big vision on the hot topic this year that is AI, the session should make for very interesting listening. 

Food Tech

As we search for healthier and more sustainable ways to live, the way we produce, distribute and consume food has major implications. VivaTech will look at the technological advances transforming the food industry. Combined with their Energy & Climate Change track, it should make for an impactful and hopefully change-making discussion. 

Are you as excited as we are? We hope so. Make sure to stay connected with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram as we delve into this exceptional event! 


In addition to the global luminaries, Viva Technology 2023 will also feature a dedicated Korea track, highlighting the country’s innovative contributions to the tech world. From cutting-edge advancements in robotics and AI to groundbreaking startups, Korea has emerged as a powerhouse in the global technology scene. The Korea track at VivaTech will serve as a platform to showcase these achievements and foster collaboration between Korean companies and international stakeholders.

Emmanuel Macron

One of the highlights of Viva Technology 2023 will be the presence of French President Emmanuel Macron. His passionate support for innovation and entrepreneurship has been evident throughout his tenure, and his participation in the event will undoubtedly inspire attendees from around the world. We eagerly anticipate the insights he will share and the vision he will outline for the future of technology in Europe.

Peggy Johnson

 Another exciting figure making waves at VivaTech 2023 is Peggy Johnson, an industry titan known for her work in the technology sector. As the CEO of Magic Leap, Peggy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Her participation in the event promises to provide invaluable perspectives on the intersection of technology and business. We look forward to hearing her thoughts on the current landscape and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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